Hackathon Theme: Back to In-Person

Event participants will come together in a learning-first-minded event, to create tools that will help us transition back to pre-pandemic life. With restrictions on social activities largely lifted in New York City, we anticipate the coming school year to bring us a little closer to pre-2020. 


Main Requirement: 

Build the first iteration of your project that facilitates the transition back to in-person learning, work, and socializing.

  • An exercise in learning - the pursuit of knowledge, risk-taking, and code integrity is rewarded as opposed to merely delivering a clean product. 

  • Must be in a team with at least 3 people and at most 4 people.  

  • Use Discord (invite link privately sent) to communicate with your teammates for the duration of the Hackathon.

  • Hackers are not allowed to use projects they have already worked on previously to the event.



  • Hackers can create any type of project, as long as it is relevant to the hackathon’s theme: Back to In-Person.

  • Back to In-Person refers to the transitioning from working from home or attending school from home to pre-pandemic life. As such, projects should revolve around creating tools that will help people transition back to pre-pandemic life.

  • Hackers can compete for categories listed on our DevPost.

  • Projects can be geared toward web development, mobile development, and data science.

  • Hackers should also be able to answer the question: “How does my project relate to the theme?”

  • Projects do not have to be deployed. If the project is not deployed, please provide instructions on how to run it locally.

  • Example project ideas:

    • Movie Recommendation/Planning App

    • Group Restaurant Planning App

    • Educational Game to Supplement Learning in the Classroom

    • Choose Your Own Adventure Game (with stories relevant to transitioning back to pre-pandemic life)



  • Hackers have from August 23rd, 2021 to August 27th, 2021, 12:15 PM EDT to work on and submit their projects.

  • Hackers are free to continue working on their projects after the hackathon ends.



  • Teams must submit their projects on our DevPost by August 27th, 2021, 12:15 PM EDT for them to be judged.

  • Please submit a link to the project’s GitHub repository and/or deployed website.

  • Please provide a slide deck (PowerPoint/Canva, etc.) or a video that showcases your project.


** Each team can only win one prize 

Hackathon Sponsors


$820 in prizes

Robinhood Swag

water bottle

LinkedIn Premium Membership

One full year of LinkedIn Premium membership.

Airbnb Swag

selected items from:

Wool laptop sleeve
Spiral notebook
Airbnb socks & beanie
Bento box
A couple t-shirts
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Lyft Gift Card

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Digital gift card from Loop and Tie

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jean Pena

Jean Pena
CTP Alumnus

Sam Mundle

Sam Mundle
CTP Alumnus

Shahzoda Davlatova

Shahzoda Davlatova
CTP Alumna

Kahlil Adamson
Senior TechOps Engineer / Cedar

Jodi Chao
Chief of Staff, Technology / Cedar

Nicholas Lee

Nicholas Lee

Mush Khan

Mush Khan

Akbar Mirza

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance to Theme
    Project is relevant to the theme of facilitating in-person learning, working, and socializing in a post-pandemic society.
  • Innovation of Solution
    Scale and novelty of the technology being used, and/or the architectural approach taken.
  • Quality of Implementation
    Ability for the team to reach a conclusion about the viability of the project.
  • Quality of Presentation
    Ability for the judges to clearly understand (1) what the desired functionality is, and (2) see that the functionality is behaving as expected.
  • Team Collaboration
    Team shows evidence of good collaboration through project presentation, devision of labor, etc.
  • Learning Forward Approach
    Team shows evidence that they challenged themselves to make building this project a learning experience.
  • Nominate for Best Front End
  • Nominate for Best Back End
  • Nominate for SWE Best Practices Award
  • Nominate for Data Science Award
  • Honorable Mention

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